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TNO DIANA Introduction and Products


TNO DIANA is a renowned International Software Company for FEA applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, with one of the strongest and most advanced solver capabilities in the world.
Since the early 1970s, DIANA has established an international reputation for providing the highest standard of analysis capability and is regularly used by Engineering companies across the world, forming part of a community of over 1000 users benefiting from the use of DIANA, FEMGV and our other products.  To strengthen our business, we have recently entered into a strategic alliance with MIDAS IT, the world's largest Civil Engineering Software Company, providing the most user friendlly civil engineering software currently available.  Using this partnership, together we develop and market "State of the Art" civil engineering tools based on the strengths of each company.

A brief history of the development of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion

Prepared by Evert Hoek 10 June 2002

1980 Hoek E. and Brown E.T. 1980. Underground Excavations in Rock . London: Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 527 pages
Hoek, E. and Brown, E.T. 1980. Empirical strength criterion for rock masses. J. Geotech. Engng Div., ASCE 106(GT9), 1013-1035.

The original failure criterion was developed during the preparation of the book Underground Excavations in Rock. The criterion was required in order to provide input information for the design of underground excavations. Since no suitable methods for estimating rock mass strength appeared to be available at that time, the efforts were focussed on developing a dimensionless equation that could be scaled in relation to geological information. The original Hoek-Brown equation was neither new nor unique – an identical equation had been used for describing the failure of concrete as early as 1936. The significant contribution that Hoek and Brown made was to link the equation to geological observations in the form of Bieniawski’s Rock Mass Rating.


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