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Download the PetroGraph (2beta)

Petrograph is a program specifically developed to help the user to visualize, elaborate and in particular to model geochemical data. The source code is written in MS Visual Basic 6.0 and it runs under Windows 98/2000/XP platforms.

The software is able to plot data on several different diagrams, including a large number of classification and ´petro-tectonic´ plots. Petrograph gives the opportunity to manage large geochemical datasets in a single program without the need of passing from one software to the other as usually happens in petrologic data handling. Along with these basic functions, Petrograph comes with wide choice of modelling capabilities from major element mass balance calculations to the most common trace element and isotope models. Results and graphs can be exported as vector graphics in publication quality form or they can be copied and pasted within the most common graphics programs for further modifications. All these features makes of Petrograph one of the most complete software presently available for igneous petrology research.

Petrograph can be downloaded from the following URL : http://www.unipg.it/~maurip/SOFTWARE.htm

Analysis of the Green Dam Censorware System

Any web site a Green Dam user visits can take control of the PC. We examined the Green Dam software and found that it contains serious security vulnerabilities due to programming errors. Once Green Dam is installed, any web site the user visits can exploit these problems to take control of the computer. This could allow malicious sites to steal private data, send spam, or enlist the computer in a botnet. In addition, we found vulnerabilities in the way Green Dam processes blacklist updates that could allow the software makers or others to install malicious code during the update process. Correcting these problems will require extensive changes to the software and careful retesting. In the meantime, we recommend that users protect themselves by uninstalling Green Dam immediately.


Mechanical-Groundwater Flow Coupling — Several types of fluid/solid interaction can be specified in FLAC3D......

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