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FLAC3D General Solution Steps

Judge the model of FLA3D is the problem's  actuality but not programme itself. It can provide forecasting reliability accurate base on the date sufficiency.

STEP.1 Build the project of the numerical analysis

Sometimes we can build a  probable model when face  contradictions of the system is moe rational , and can also ignore the micro-influent.

STEP.2 Build concept model describe the actuality

First of all make it clear that : Stability or instability ? linear or nonlinear ? Big-displacement or micro displacement ? continua or discontinuous ?  Influent by ground water or not ?  Infinite boundary or finite ? Physical model symmetry or not ? ......

STEP.3 Operation numerial analysis on simplified and supposition form

STEP.4 Collection detail date of the problem's solution

STEP.5 Prepare  calculation model different

STEP.6 Operation the model have prepared

STEP.7 Analysis the result

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