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This website is nothing about Michael Jackson

From the track record of this website performing complex talented heart on various situations from 2005-2008 makes me an ideal Michael Jackson is not fit for an “idol” as our country anymore accord to all the “accidents” that we have listed through the website lol8.com ,especially to the youth.

The “Thriller” is really an abnormal person like he sound additionally evenmore horrible is 80s & 90s boys and girls are deeply influenced by his behavior that’s too bad. To be a public website should have the responsibility to direct people especially the youth build up the correct character as maturity sincerity braveness etc but Michael Jackson has none now, Only the selfdeceiving chicanery flinch fragment left except his amazing music and overwhelming dance .

As a result, appreciate all the fans played an active role within the group of LOL8 contribute and help this website grown up from 2005-2008.3. This process involved friendship enthusiasm honesty that I feel it through actively participating in this happiness experience.

LOL8.COM  closed in 2008.3 and rebuilt  about physical science and technology in  2008.5 .From now on this website is nothing about Michael Jackson ,apologize but it’s serious .

Thank you for your consideration.

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