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father-2009-3 I know you miss me
I miss you
I can feel when you're pain
I hope you feel the same
But don't worry
One day I'll come home
I'll come back to you
In a way I never left
Just one half didFather_and_Son_BW
while the other half stayed
But soon my other half will return to you
I'm on my way
But somehow I get lost

I cry for help
And somehow I hear your voice
father-2009-2 If I keep on following it
Sooner than you think
My half will be complete
And I'll be home with you

by Yeka

I wish you weren't so sick
I wish you didn't have cancer
I wish that I could find a way
To cure you and find an answer

I love you dad beyond words
Far more than I could ever say
You've always been there to be my light
To help me find my way

I could never thank God enough
For giving me a father like you
I feel so blessed because you are in my lifefather-2009-1
Those who get to say that are few
I'll always stand beside you
I'll never leave your side
Thank you dad for always being there
And for always being my guide

by Marlyn Cabrera

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