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Sidebar Call Colorful TagCloud of Z-Blog

Replace the the code within c_system_base.asp file , locate in .../FUNCTION/ catalog.

strTag=strTag & "<li><a href="""& Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Url & """>"+Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Name + " (" & Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Count & ")" +"</a></li>"


strTag=strTag & "<span style='font-family:verdana,sans-serif;line-height:150%;font-size:"& 12 + (Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Count/2) &"px;margin:10px;'><a title='" & Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Count & "' alt='"& Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Count &"' href='" & Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Url &"'>" & Tags(objRS("tag_ID")).Name & "</a></span>"

Then  tags show in good arragement with count order..i dont know why , but it really take effect !

Colorful tagcloud sounds amazing,  just download and install the plugin then it will be.  I dont care why but i want to know how,  If the tagcloud arrange in letter order will be more powerful i think,  the  author is really cute ! !

Reference: [1] Z-Blog.  [2] Bird.

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