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Love Song from Solo Artist Phil Collins

phil collins

Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins LVO (born 30 January 1951 in Chiswick, London) is an English singer-songwriter, drummer, keyboardist and actor best known as a drummer and vocalist for English progressive rock group Genesis and as a Grammy and Academy Award-winning solo artist.

Collins sang the lead vocals on eight American chart-toppers between 1984 and 1989; seven as a solo artist and one with Genesis. His singles, often dealing with lost love, ranged from the drum-heavy "In the Air Tonight", to the dance pop of "Sussudio", to the political statements of his most successful song, "Another Day in Paradise". His international popularity transformed Genesis from a progressive rock group to a regular on the pop charts and an early MTV mainstay. According to britishhitsongwriters.com he is the forty eighth most successful songwriter in U.K. singles chart history based on weeks that his compositions have spent on the chart.

Collins's professional career began as a drummer, first with obscure rock group Flaming Youth and then more famously with Genesis. In Genesis, Collins originally supplied backing vocals for front man Peter Gabriel, singing lead on only two songs: "For Absent Friends" from 1971's Nursery Cryme album and "More Fool Me" from Selling England by the Pound, which was released in 1973. On Gabriel's departure in 1975, Collins became the group's lead singer. As the decade closed, Genesis's first international hit, "Follow You, Follow Me", demonstrated a drastic change from the band's early years.

His concurrent solo career, heavily influenced by his personal life, brought both him and Genesis commercial success. According to Atlantic Records, Collins's total worldwide sales as a solo artist, as of 2002, were 150 million.


Studio albums

The following list includes all Phil Collins's albums with the exception of compilations, live and remix albums.

1981: Face Value

1 In the Air Tonight
2 This Must Be Love
3 Behind the Lines
4 The Roof Is Leaking
5 Droned
6 Hand in Hand
7 I Missed Again
8 You Know What I Mean
9 Thunder and Lightning
10 I'm Not Moving
11 If Leaving Me Is Easy
12 Tomorrow Never Knows

1982: Hello, I Must Be Going!

1 I Don't Care Anymore
2 I Cannot Believe It's True
3 Like China
4 Do You Know, Do You Care?
5 You Can't Hurry Love
6 It Don't Matter to Me
7 Thru These Walls
8 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
9 The West Side
10 Why Can't It Wait Till Morning

1985: No Jacket Required

1 Sussudio
2 Only You Know and I Know
3 Long Long Way to Go
4 I Don't Wanna Know
5 One More Night
6 Don't Lose My Number
7 Who Said I Would
8 Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore
9 Inside Out
10 Take Me Home
11 We Said Hello, Goodbye (Don't Look Back)

1989: …But Seriously

1 Hang in Long Enough
2 That's Just the Way It Is
3 Do You Remember?
4 Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
5 Colours
6 I Wish It Would Rain Down
7 Another Day in Paradise
8 Heat on the Street
9 All of My Life
10 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
11 Father to Son
12 Find a Way to My Heart 

1993: Both Sides

1 Both Sides of the Story
2 Can't Turn Back the Years
3 Everyday
4 I've Forgotten Everything
5 We're Sons of Our Fathers
6 Can't Find My Way
7 Survivors
8 We Fly So Close
9 There's a Place for Us
10 We Wait and We Wonder
11 Please Come Out Tonight

1996: Dance Into the Light

1 Dance into the Light
2 That's What You Said
3 Lorenzo
4 Just Another Story
5 Love Police
6 Wear My Hat
7 It's in Your Eyes
8 Oughta Know by Now
9 Take Me Down
10 The Same Moon
11 River So Wide
12 No Matter Who
13 The Times They Are A-Changin'

1999: Tarzan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

1."Two Worlds" Jungle Version (Phil Collins) 3:20
2."You'll Be in My Heart" (Glenn Close & Phil Collins) 1:36
3."Son of Man" 2:43
4."Trashin' the Camp" (Rosie O'Donnell & Phil Collins) 2:16
5."Strangers Like Me" 3:01
6."Two Worlds Reprise" 0:51
7."Trashin' the Camp" (Phil Collins & *NSYNC) 2:22
8."You'll Be in My Heart" (Phil Collins) 4:18
9."Two Worlds" (Phil Collins version) 2:43
10."A Wondrous Place" 5:16
11."Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man" 2:57
12."The Gorillas" 4:28
13."One Family" 3:49
14."Two Worlds Finale" 1:16

2002: Testify

1."Wake Up Call" 5:17
2."Come with Me" 4:36
3."Testify" 6:33
4."Don't Get Me Started" 4:43
5."Swing Low" 5:10
6."It's Not Too Late" 4:01
7."This Love This Heart" 4:06
8."Driving Me Crazy" 4:39
9."The Least You Can Do" 4:24
10."Can't Stop Loving You" 4:19
11."Thru My Eyes" 5:09
12."You Touch My Heart" 4:42
13."High Flying Angel"*

2003: Brother Bear: Original Soundtrack

1."Look Through My Eyes" - Phil Collins
2."Great Spirits" - Tina Turner
3."Welcome" - Phil Collins *
4."No Way Out" (single version) - Phil Collins
5."Transformation" - Bulgarian Women's Choir
6."On My Way" - Phil Collins
7."The Fishing Song" - Phil Collins (deleted scene)
8."Welcome" - Blind Boys of Alabama with Phil Collins and Oren Waters
9."No Way Out" - Phil Collins
10."Transformation" - Phil Collins
11.Three Brothers (Score)
12.Awakes as a Bear (Score)
13.Wilderness of Danger and Beauty (Score)
14."Great Spirits" - Phil Collins (Hidden Track)

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