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TNO DIANA Introduction and Products


TNO DIANA is a renowned International Software Company for FEA applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, with one of the strongest and most advanced solver capabilities in the world.
Since the early 1970s, DIANA has established an international reputation for providing the highest standard of analysis capability and is regularly used by Engineering companies across the world, forming part of a community of over 1000 users benefiting from the use of DIANA, FEMGV and our other products.  To strengthen our business, we have recently entered into a strategic alliance with MIDAS IT, the world's largest Civil Engineering Software Company, providing the most user friendlly civil engineering software currently available.  Using this partnership, together we develop and market "State of the Art" civil engineering tools based on the strengths of each company.



DIANA is a well proven and tested software package with a reputation for handling difficult technical problems relating to design and assessment activities in concrete, steel, soil, rock and soil-structure interaction.


DIANApipe allows the engineer to study the effect of ground settlements and horizontal ground movements, dead loading due to soil overburden loading, live loading due to vehicles, temperature variations, internal pressure and construction. 

midas Civil

midas Civil is a total integrated solution system for civil structural engineering. The system combines general purpose structural analysis features and civil engineering-specific structural analysis capabilities. It includes pre-stressed concrete box, suspension and cable-stayed bridge analysis features and other useful civil structure analysis features such as heat of hydration analysis, which reflect construction sequence.

midas GTS

New generation solution for soil mechanics, geotechnical and tunnel engineering
Unlocks the power of 3D analysis for the design office!

Midas GTS is a fully integrated Finite Element system in which preprocessing, analysis and post-processing are achieved in a unified graphical user interface. User-friendliness, intuitiveness and speed of execution are at the heart of midas GTS philosophy. Dedicated tools, such as the terrain geometry maker, the tunnel analysis wizard, the construction stage analysis wizard and automatic report generation render valuable gains in term of time and quality. 


FEMGV is a general purpose pre- and post-processor for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis software. 

midas FEA

midas FEA is state of the art software, which defines a new paradigm for advanced nonlinear and detailed analysis for civil and structural engineering 

midas Gen

midas Gen is a Windows-based, general-purpose structural analysis and optimal design system.


Analytical methods of computation allow users to design and check structures quickly and with high efficiency. GEO5 analytical package is offered as a complement to Midas GTS 3D software, which is based on the finite element method.

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