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CO2 Storage into Soil Improved Global Climate

Geological storage of CO2 in the subsurface can give an important contribution in reducing the global climate changes. In order to do that, the Norwegian research community has to develop four entirely new techniques and methods. This short article gives an overview of what type of research NGI is involved on the CO2 front.

The percentage of the greenhouse gas CO2 in the atmosphere has increased radically during the last 100 years. This development is about to create global climate changes. Storing CO2 in the subsurface can give an important contribution to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and therefore contribute to a solution of the climate problems. There is a technological race taking place to develop the needed technology and methods for the time being in the following areas:

- CO2 must be trapped and cleaned from exhaust gasses effectively and economically
- Suitable storage sites must be located/discovered and characterised
- Safe techniques must be developed for the injection of the CO2 into the target reservoir
- Methodsv must be developed  to monitor the behavior of CO2 in the reservoir and subsurface

Green-DirtGreen Dirt Calcium-bearing carbonates like those in the lower layer here could help fight global warming Newcastle University

Getting carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere is just one step. After plants and trees pull CO2 out of the air, some of the surplus carbon is funneled down into the soil, where it can then re-enter the atmosphere or seep into groundwater. To trap this excess carbon, Newcastle University scientists are trying to design new kinds of soils that would transform the stuff into calcium carbonate, keeping it down in the ground.

The scientists think that man made or natural soils with calcium-bearing silicates could perform this Earth-friendly trick. To test their theory, they're going to study both natural and artificial soils, and they'll also grow plants in soil stocked with calcium silicates.

The idea of using soil as a carbon sink isn't new, but the scientists say that this will be the first time any team has tried to design dirt with this purpose in mind. The first applications could be within 2-3 years.

Reference:[1] Designing Greener Dirt . [2] CO2 storage for improved global climate

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  • The idea of using soil as a carbon sink to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmospher is great.. from this blog I came to know what type of research NGI is involved on the CO2 front..
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