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FLAC3D features

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  • Large-strain simulation of continua, with interfaces or slip-planes to represent distinct interfaces along which slip and/or separation may occur, thereby simulating the presence of faults, joints, or frictional boundaries
  • Explicit solution scheme that gives stable solutions to unstable physical processes
  • Twelve built-in material models: the "null" model, three elasticity models, and eight plasticity models
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows (see New in 3.1)
  • Optional modules include: thermal and creep calculations, dynamic analysis capability, user-defined constitutive models written in C++, and automatic hexahedral meshing (3DShop)
  • Continuous gradient or statistical distribution of any property may be specified
  • Automatic 3D grid generator using pre-defined shapes to create intersecting internal regions
  • Convenient specification of boundary conditions and initial conditions
  • Water table for effective stress calculations
  • Groundwater flow fully coupled to mechanical calculation (including negative pore pressure, unsaturated flow, and phreatic surface conditions)
  • Structural elements (liners, piles, cables, etc.) that interact with the surrounding rock or soil
  • Built-in programming language (FISH) to add user-defined features
  • Graphical output in six industry-standard image formats and animated output in two (AVI and DCX)
  • External geometry import option for leading Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools
Displacement contours around concrete caisson wall supported by soldier piles and pretensioned tiebacks (quarter-section view)
Stability analysis of vertical mine fill exposure (deformed grid and displacement magnitude contours)

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