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Smiling iphoneGirl

iphonegirl “A British purchase a new iPhone cell phone, the start-up found that the main screen is a Chinese girl’s photo, the smile bright girl who is.
– (Chun-Yen Chang Wang Chengbo) British netizens “markm49uk” Unexpectedly, their new phone to buy the iPhone will be a Chinese girl Cordial photos; known as the “most beautiful Chinese wage-mei,” the unnamed girl six days on Huobian the world. At present, foreign national has a special for her to establish the network Station. Yesterday afternoon, Foxconn Technology Group, the relevant responsible person said, the girl is indeed employees. 

Recently, a British consumers buy a new iPhone mobile phones, activation, and found that the main screen display is a lovely Chinese girls Photo, and not just a phone such photos. The consumer network to put photos of the forum, photos was to spread. Many netizens were women Child infected with a smile, even foreign netizens for her production of the site, said she was “iPhoneGirl”. 

Apple’s iPhone and iPod mainly by the contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group production. Many people had doubts, this picture is in Shenzhen Fujitsu Kang factory shooting, someone later said, the girl is indeed Foxconn Technology Park Area C Guanlan three mobile phone production line detection of staff, after she had photo spread After being expelled. 

iphonegirlAt about 5 pm yesterday, the reporters arrived at the Bao’an District, more than Foxconn factory to find the girls. Area C in the three downstairs, a staff member said that from women The child of light pink dress, is really the staff, but most likely is testing the fifth floor of the shop staff. 

Foxconn Technology Group, a related official said, cell phone girl has been found to be Foxconn Technology Group, the staff, but he denied that girls have been opened In addition to. As for the girls coming out iPhone photo spread by cell phone screen things, he explained that the girls are testing the phone shop staff, may be in camera Forget to delete the phone after the detection by the detection picture, now they are investigating.”

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