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FLAC3D Command : Config

CONFIG    keyword <keyword . . .>

This command allows the user to specify optional calculation modes that need extra memory to be assigned to each zone or gridpoint. The options are confined fluid flow, heat transfer, fully dynamic analysis and creep analysis. The CONFIG command can be given at any stage of an analysis, but it must be given before the calculation mode can be invoked.

The following keywords apply.

cppudm  C++ user-defined models (only available with the C++ user-defined model option)

creep  creep material analysis (only available with creep model option)

dynamic   fully dynamic analysis (only available with dynamic model option)

fluid  fluid-flow analysis (see see Section 1 in Fluid-Mechanical Interaction (FLAC3D Manual))

gpextra n  n extra gridpoint variables for FISH use.

therma  lthermal analysis (only available with thermal model option)

zextra n  n extra zone variables for FISH use.

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