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Practical Rock Engineering , Dr. Hoek's Corner

Dr. Evert Hoek

Rocscience is proud to provide a reference library, created by Dr. Evert Hoek, of rock engineering resources. Dr. Hoek is a leading expert on rock mechanics and an award-winning professor and consultant with decades of experience in the classroom and in the field.

Rocscience has worked collaboratively with Dr. Hoek to create RocLab, a program for determining rock mass strength parameters based on the latest version of the generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion - it's free and available to download from the link above.

Dr. Hoek is also offering Practical Rock Engineering - a free set of notes that are based on a number of case histories - each carefully chosen to illustrate the concepts and practical approaches used. From tunneling in South America to slope stability in Hong Kong, Practical Rock Engineering is an invaluable reference tool.

A recent addition to Hoek's Corner is a selection of Dr. Hoek's Published Papers, many with links for downloading. Be sure to also take advantage of the other Hoek resources available on our site, including information about additional publications available from Dr. Hoek.

Practical Rock EngineeringIntroduce Dr. Hoek(New 2008.5, 144KB)

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