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  • 2009-12-15 16:26:08
  • 除谷歌音乐搜索将暂停之外,谷歌设在上海的研发中心也将把研发重心往全球研发体系转移。“这一变化将很快体现,本土化产品的推出速度和品类,将会大幅减少。”
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  • 2010-1-13 16:11:40
  • 多姆德同时称,谷歌已经决定,不愿意继续对谷歌中国网站的搜索结果进行审查,未来几周,谷歌将与中国政府就在法律框架下如何运营一个不过滤搜索结果的引擎网站进行讨论;这可能意味着谷歌将要关闭中国网站,并可能撤销在中国的办事处。(2001-1-13)
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  • 2010-1-13 16:25:31
  • A new approach to China
    1/12/2010 03:00:00 PM
    Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular basis. In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google. However, it soon became clear that what at first appeared to be solely a security incident--albeit a significant one--was something quite different.

    First, this attack was not just on Google. As part of our investigation we have discovered that at least twenty other large companies from a wide range of businesses--including the Internet, finance, technology, media and chemical sectors--have been similarly targeted. We are currently in the process of notifying those companies, and we are also working with the relevant U.S. authorities.
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  • 2010-1-13 16:26:06
  • Second, we have evidence to suggest that a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Based on our investigation to date we believe their attack did not achieve that objective. Only two Gmail accounts appear to have been accessed, and that activity was limited to account information (such as the date the account was created) and subject line, rather than the content of emails themselves.
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  • 2010-1-13 16:26:29
  • Third, as part of this investigation but independent of the attack on Google, we have discovered that the accounts of dozens of U.S.-, China- and Europe-based Gmail users who are advocates of human rights in China appear to have been routinely accessed by third parties. These accounts have not been accessed through any security breach at Google, but most likely via phishing scams or malware placed on the users' computers.
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  • 2010-1-13 17:57:26
  • http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-approach-to-china.html
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